Have you ever wished you could eat as well and hassle-free as your pets?

Our pets are living longer, healthier lives just like we are. Today’s dog, cat, exotic pet, horse and even rabbit food is specially formulated to provide a perfectly balanced meal.

However, when you read the ingredients from the label, do you know what all those terms mean? Take Tocopherals (TCP), for instance. It sounded pretty suspicious to me until I looked it up. TCPs are a series of organic compounds consisting of various methylated phenols (alcohols) with Vitamin E activity. They’re used to extend shelf life and reduce fat spoilage and are resistant to high temperature food processing. They as antioxidants and are a natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants, such as BHT, BHA & TBHQ.

The key word here is organic, as opposed to synthetic. That’s a good thing. Trending these days in pet food are such things as “grain-free” and organic. So the next time you’re in Sierra Feed, check out those labels on the great selection of high quality pet foods.

Did I forget to mention chicken feed?



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