Sure your horse can fly hanging from a helicopter, but can he load in a trailer?

rescue sling for helicopter rescue of horse

horse rescue by helicopter

What an amazing asset Northern Nevada now has thanks to Sandy McMahon, the Nevada National Guard and first responders who recently took the training in large animal rescue via helicopter. Horses and other livestock in severe jeopardy can get some serious help.  Of course, airlifting a large animal by helicopter, as the newscast by KOLO-8  points out, is a last resort effort after all else fails.

For most of us, thank goodness,  responding to a disaster means being able to easily load our horse into a trailer and hightailin’ it outa’ there.  However, the situation could be tense and frightening for both you and your animals.  Since horses, and other various forms of livestock can’t read the book on “How to behave in a crisis”, ground work, including trailer loading is critical for every horse owner to practice.  It’s not a bad idea for your horse to be exposed to some sensory training, also.

If you need help in those areas, find a good, local trainer who can help.

In the meantime:  “load ’em up, move’m out”.


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